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Dallas Base Camp: Progression Training Program


Base camp is a new training program by Luke’s Locker. It’s about building weekly mileage base. We call it Base Camp! Base camp will get you ready for your next big thing (half marathon or marathon training maybe?) or just lift your fitness to a higher level.

The program will teach you how to slowly build up your weekly mileage. We will also introduce you to tempo (faster) runs, hill training and a few other workouts to get you better.

The program is a great way to improve in a group training setting. All we ask is that you be able to run or walk at least 3 miles on a weekly basis when the program starts. (If you aren’t ready for that yet, you might consider Luke’s 9-5 program. It will get you to a 5k in 9 weeks!).

This year, Luke’s is excited to partner with the team at Phoenix Regen Center in Dallas Preston Center who offer special offers to a variety of recovery tools to help you keep on track.

For more information call the Dallas/SMU Luke’s Locker store, 214-528-1290, or feel free to contact Kerry Little,

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