Luke's Locker Story

Giving Back

What makes a community a community?

Luke’s has thought long and hard about this very subject on runs over the years. And we’ve run a lot. Luke’s approach to community is about helping people and communities achieve better health and fitness. Simply put, if we believe a certain project or program will meaningfully impact a community’s quality of running, walking or overall health and wellness, we will get behind it with as many resources as we can offer.

A few examples of this approach are Luke’s support for local running and walking trails and year-round training programs for running and walking. We have donated several hundred thousand dollars to trails and parks in Texas since we first opened our doors. Projects like the Dallas Katy Trail, Memorial Park in Houston, Lady Bird Lake in Austin and the Trinity Trails system in Fort Worth. Such projects encourage running, walking and exercise in general. We have also donated thousands of hours of time from our group of event professionals to the cause. Which is our community.

Our running and walking training programs are part of Luke’s very core. They reflect our sense of community because they’re affordable training programs that teach participants how to sustain exercise programs that enable them to meet their objectives.

Sometimes this involves someone learning how to get started. Sometimes it involves someone completing a marathon or half marathon for the first time. And sometimes it involves someone working with a more experienced runner or walker to help them find a more advanced system of training to keep them injury free.

Luke’s doesn’t do this for the money. We carefully price our programs so we can cover the costs of these programs and sustain them in the future. For another generation of runners. We think that’s the essence of what a community should be.