Mom and baby magazine- Physical changes during pregnancy


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March 13, 2019 / 3:17 pm


Pregnancy is the time when your body faces severe changes. From head to toe; you will experience many kinds of changes when you are pregnant. Many people give pregnancy tips when expecting mothers undergo these changes.

To begin with, your breasts begin to feel tender and larger as they start preparing for breastfeeding. You should wear a comfortable and well-fitted bra. Your blood volume increases during pregnancy causing increased pressure on kidneys, and also the increasing weight of baby creates pressure which causes a frequent urge to pee. Also due to increasing baby growth, your abdomen needs space so this leads to pain in the lower back. Pregnancy can also cause constipation in some women, so try drinking more water and fluids. You may also experience severe urge to move your legs due to increased cramps in legs. This happens due to a lack of potassium or iron. Your body needs more calcium, which it takes away from your bones and teeth. So you may notice your gums bleeding easily. A higher volume of blood can also lead to congestion and runny noses. Heartburn and gas problems are also common.

These changes vary from person to person. Every pregnancy brings different symptoms with itself. Pregnancy tips regarding how to deal with these changes well can be read in mom and baby magazine.

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