Job Fair for Modular robotics


DFW Metro / Dubai, TX


May 23, 2019 / 10:00 am


This event is for the candidates who are interetsed in joining our modular robotic system team.We are selecting experienced professional for our team.Modular robotics systems are developed in order to reduce the human tasks or activities.This help you to speed up your works and do it efficiently. This automates manual works easily and quickly. The modular robotics must have and efficient hardware design and set of software or algorithms to perform the work. Articulated arms are one of the modular robotic system. These robots are available in various capability with different number of arms. self configuring robots are also available which Modular robotics system suppliers qatar can change their shape by rearranging the connected parts. Jisigus is one of the most known modular robotics system service in qatar. we are providing modular robotics system with various number of arms