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December 20, 2018 / 12:00 am


Kerala is a special place for the natural lovers. The climate, tradition and the geographical specialties makes Kerala as the thrilling tourist destination in India. Kerala is a place with lots of different tourist destinations. Different tourist attractions like waterfalls, dams, lakes, beaches, hill stations, rivers and etc., make Kerala more beautiful. The greenery and climates are attracting the foreign tourists to Kerala. This is because Kerala is called as God’s own country. Each place in Kerala is filled with beautiful tourist destinations. Ayurveda tourism in Kerala is the most popular one among the foreigners. Ayurveda tourism offers meditation, spa and Ayurveda massages to the tourists. The foreign tourist comes to Kerala for enjoying the natural beauty and also for increasing the physical wellness through Ayurveda treatments. Kerala is the best honeymoon location for newly wedding couples


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