Managing Training Schedules During Covid-19

I realize that some of us have forgotten the difference between what weekdays and weekends feel like, but for Luke’s Locker Walkers, runners, and athletes, Saturday means longer distance days. Let’s get excited!

We’re going further, we’re getting our breathing down (info tip #2) and now let’s check up on our form. Here are some key tips:
– Body should lean slightly forward from the ankles. Start leaning forward as if to fall – as you “catch” yourself and start moving, that’s the feeling.
– Keep your gaze a few feet in front of you – not down on your feet or up to the sky.
– Ears over shoulders (your head is a 10 lb. bowling ball!)
– Shoulders down (not hunched towards ears), chest open and lifted
– Elbows bent, swinging close to body and straight back and forth, hands relaxed
– Concentrate on your back foot pushing back behind you vs concentrating on front foot. The forward movement comes from pushing off your foot. Think skateboard push
– Footfall should be quiet – no slapping or shuffle. This sound means you’re making it harder on yourself by braking vs moving!
– Relax, quiet breath, enjoy this rhythm.

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– Kerry Little
Dallas Luke’s Locker Training Coordinator

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