The Best Running Gear For Your Best Performance and Safety

“If you have a body, you are an athlete”

-Bill Bowerman, legendary track coach University of Oregon, Nike co-founder, now part of Nike’s mission statement

At Luke’s we embrace the Bowerman mantra. It means that everyone is an athlete, whether they are running, walking, competing in a sport, slow, fast, elite or ordinary, experienced or beginner. We all share a range of emotions as we try and better ourselves. Importantly, every athlete learns that what you wear impacts your performance. The more comfortable you are, the more hydrated and energized you are, and the more regulated your body temperature, the better you are able to perform! Here are a few considerations for key items that help you beat you!

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1. Wicking fabrics that are designed to move with you, support key areas, and avoid irritation on the skin.
These items will make your workouts more comfortable and keep you focused on your objective.

2. Shorts, shirts, socks, sports bras and other apparel now offer great advancements for all athletes. Reduce chafing and irritation.

3. Reflectivity so you can be easily seen.
Wicks moisture/sweat away from body to keep you cool and more dry.

4. Strategically placed venting/body mapping helps in areas of the body that produce more sweat.

5. Sports Bras are designed for higher impact sports. Think support and comfort with less chafing.

6. Compression sleeves and tights can help support areas that may be susceptible to injury.

7. Wicking Socks that are a synthetic blend vs cotton. This will keep reduce moisture, help with blisters, and anatomically designed to fit the foot. Great socks offer a fit, softness and degree of cushioning that make a shoe feel better!

Follow a hydration and nutrition plan that is consistent with your training.

Stretch and recover properly after you exercise.

Gadgets & Tools That Really Help!

1. Bone Conduction Headphones: Allows you to hear noise around you while enjoying your music or talking on phone. Big safety plus!

2. Foam Rollers: Helps relieve muscle tightness and soreness and increase range of motion.

3. Anti Chafing Creams: helps reduce friction without being sticky or thick.

4. Taping: helps support specific problem areas and aids in recovery.

5. Lights: To be seeing and/or to be able to see better: clip on options for shoes, hats, belts, hand help and headband options for greater visibility.

6. Belts/armband/handheld varieties: strategically placed holders/loops for carrying ID, nutrition, hydration, keys, $, phones, etc. without bulk.

7. Watches:
Keeps more than time: anything from GPS measuring pace and distance, tracking heart rate, cadence, routes, music storage, coaching cues, logging information.

8. Headbands/Visors/Hats: Vented for coolness, mulit-purpose to keep the sweat, rain and sun off your face.

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